Why on Earth Would You Want To Do That?

by | May 9, 2022

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Why on Earth Would You Want To Do That?

This was the response I got from some people, when in December 2015, I walked away from over 25 years working in Education!

Actually, if I am honest, some weren’t quite that polite!!!!

In some ways, I understood what they were saying. Teaching and working with children was what I had always done. When I started my career I had thought I would always teach, I loved what I did and I was good at it too! But despite being successful at work, as my daughters grew older, my role as a mother was clearly changing too. I started to feel frustrated and a little bit restless. I knew in my heart of hearts, that I needed to make a change if I was to craft and live the life that I really wanted as my girls grew up. So I made a decision and within 12 months of deciding to decide, I took a leap of faith and resigned.

For the first time in over 25 years, I found myself with time and space to think! Time to think about what I really wanted to do now. It was scary, I was nearly 50, but it was exciting too! No midlife crisis in sight, all I could see was possibility and opportunity. All the experiences I had had over the last 10 years I knew had a part to play, so I took the time to really look at my strengths and I began reading self-development books and following inspiring women, I worked on myself.

It was clear to me that it was time to follow a new and very different path.

I found myself drawn more and more to self-help and energy work.

This had always been something I believed in. In my 20s I experienced my first Reiki treatment. I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about it all then, I was helping out a friend with her qualifications! But straight away I had been hooked! I had gone to see her with no expectations but I was instantly curious as even after just one treatment I was amazed at how great it made me feel: calmer, more balanced and physically and mentally revived!

I had gone on to study Reiki, and the power of crystals when the girls were small, but these tools had become forgotten over recent years, probably when they were needed the most!! Following a traumatic riding accident and surgery, I had also been introduced to Kinesiology, specifically Touch for Health, as it had helped my physical and emotional recovery so much. I continued to have treatments and wanted to know more, so whilst still an educational trainer I completed the first two levels of Touch for Health with my friend Anna.

Now I was no longer working full time, and with the time to reassess, I knew I wanted to improve myself and complete those qualifications I had started years ago.! It seemed right to think about completing all the levels and see where that could take me. I had the time I needed to put into study and more importantly, I would gain more skills to help myself and others rebalance and this was becoming more and more important to me.

I finished my last 2 levels of Touch for Health that year, including my Proficiency level that would allow me to work with the public. A whole new opportunity lay ahead of me to work with adults and children again, but on a physical, energic and emotional level.

The importance of recognising balance in body, mind and spirit was now a major focus for me and I found helping others rebalance physically and emotionally incredibly rewarding, but most importantly, through Touch for Health Kinesiology and Reiki, I now had the tools to do this.

Life’s curveballs can make us feel out of balance emotionally and physically and it was becoming very clear that many women might need help to do this too. I could easily help myself get back on the right path and I couldn’t wait to help others to do this too.

My curiosity to learn more has continued, and as my business has developed and grown, so have the tools in my healing toolbox, which now also include Hypnotherapy and NLP!

So why on earth would I want to do this?

It’s a huge part of me! I am passionate about helping and healing women so that they can thrive. As a Touch for Health, Kinesiologist, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, I put healing at the foundation of my work, and I love to empower women to help themselves, giving them the tools to rebalance and heal body, mind and spirit.

I know the work I do may not be right for everybody, but I also know that all this work can be so powerful in helping women to rebalance, thrive, and live life with more ease and after all, that is what my message is all about!

Amanda x