The Triangle of Health

by | May 10, 2022

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When I meet most people and they ask me what I do, sometimes I am met with blank looks if I start to talk about Kinesiology, often people are a little unsure of what this is! One of the first things I find that helps a little is to explain about our Triangle of Health.

As a Kinesiologist we see the body as multi-dimensional. The body exists in structural, chemical and emotional dimensions. The main premise of Kinesiology is that the body has its own healing energy and is always doing its best to care for itself, but sometimes, it needs to be helped into a better position to achieve this care. My job is to look at the body as a whole, and then to try to harmonise or balance all the dimensions, so that the body can do its job and heal itself. When the physical, chemical and emotional aspects of life, are in perfect balance with each other, all dimensions are supporting each other too and the triangle of health is complete. It is then that we can achieve optimal health and wellness and can perform at our best.

Let me explain each side of our triangle and how they rely on one another!

1. The Structural / Physical side:

This involves our movements and activity including walking, working, playing sports going to the gym. But it also includes the things that happen and causes stress, such as falls, knocks and accidents, illnesses, operations and physical trauma. So it is important that body function and physical health are maintained. This doesn’t mean just avoiding freak accidents such as motor vehicle or sporting injuries. It also includes more awareness about those subtle, and sometimes more worrying, repetitive strain injuries such as postural strain from work. These types of injuries could be caused by prolonged sitting at a desk, or repetitive motions in labour-intensive jobs such as painting, tiling etc. All of these cause a stress on our body which could lead to physical imbalances.

2. The Chemical / Nutritional side:

relates to the importance of fuelling the body with correct nutrients and with protecting the body from toxic substances. This obviously includes the food we give ourselves but also means things around us, smells, electrical products etc. Anything we put into or subject our body to from the outside environment has an effect on our chemical health. Think of our body as an engine, the fuel you feed it determines how well it will run. Run it poorly and it will fall out of balance

3. The Emotional / Mental side:

relates to the inseparable mind-body connection. We might have found the right balance of exercise and healthy eating but if we are amidst relationship or work stressors, then this can have a major effect on our mental health, in turn leading to emotional imbalances,

These are the three sides of our Triangle of Health. If any one of them is not balanced, it can directly impact the remaining sides of the triangle. When I work with clients we focus on making sure that the body is in complete balance, physically, emotionally and biochemically. When the body is balanced it can perform at its optimum level.

Seek more balance in your life, and look after your triangle of health. We may never quite find the perfect balance, but it’s always worth stepping back once in a while, assessing your current situation in all three areas and asking yourself, am I living a balanced life?


Amanda x