Life can throw us many curveballs and we can experience many changes personally, professionally and socially.

There are times we may feel a little lost, helpless or lacking in purpose; and all of these factors can lead to a feeling of imbalance – emotionally and physically.

In order for us to function at our best, we need to be in a state of balance. As busy women, we often choose to ignore this and also to ignore what our body is telling us. We can become overwhelmed by external factors and information and we don’t know how to best help ourselves.

The body has all the answers, it has its own healing energy and does its best to care for itself, however, sometimes it needs a little help.

Kinesiology enables your body to talk to us, telling us what it needs and the techniques to use that will help, allowing people to live life to the fullest.

The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”

What is


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology is a combination of natural healing techniques and uses the principles of acupressure, nutrition and Tibetan energy.

It is an incredible tool for empowerment as well as healing. Kinesiologists use muscle testing to ask the body for feedback regarding its current state and to find the areas of stress and imbalance within the body.

We then assess the stress responses and find the most beneficial, simple techniques from a toolbox of structural, biochemical, emotional, and electrical corrections to restore balance and harmony to your body.

The body knows what it needs. Throughout each session it will guide us to identify what is needed in order to restore balance.

Common balancing techniques can include…

Tracing or massaging meridians

Holding Neuro lymphatic, neuro vascular or acupressure points

Stimulating spinal reflexes

Strengthening systems with wholefood nutrition

Resetting muscle responses

Clearing sabotage patterns

Vibrational essences, oils and crystals

Kinesiology may also help:

The healing of muscles injuries

Overcoming emotional traumas

Improve overall performance

Release fear, anxiety and phobias

Improve brain integration

Sessions can take place in person in my clinic in Suffolk or online via Zoom.