What is


Put simply, hypnotherapy works to change the messages that the subconscious gives us on a regular basis.

Our subconscious is very powerful and it can tell us and influence our everyday decisions as well as our much bigger life-changing decisions. Through hypnotherapy we can change our inner voice, our internal dialogue and the messages we give ourselves that can prevent us from achieving our goals.

These changes can be made for many different reasons including, but not excluding weight management, smoking, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, motivational issues, self-confidence, exam confidence, focus, emotional issues, fears, phobias and many other issues.


can be received in person or online, but each session is tailored to your needs.

I recognise that each client is an individual with specific therapeutic requirements and I do not take a one-size fits all approach. I will give you a tailored hypnotherapy program.

For new clients I offer an initial hypnotherapy consultations split into 2 sessions:

Session 1

allows you to be introduced to and experience light hypnosis

Session 2

arranged for a later date, introduces a deeper hypnosis targeted to your specific needs and includes a recording to help integrate the work we do together.

Sessions can then be taken in isolation or as a package.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can be used to treat stress and anxiety. It can also be used to help break habits.

My aim is to listen to your needs and then tailor a series of sessions to help turn your negative experiences into positive ones.

Sessions can take place in person in my clinic in Suffolk or online via Zoom.