Hypnosis & Meditations

Journey to better sleep

Sleep disturbances can be common during your menopause transition. Let this 30 min recorded hypnosis guide you on a relaxing and soothing journey to promote better sleep relieve insomnia.

Boost Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Addressing low self esteem and confidence issues that can arise during menopause can be empowering. This 30 min recorded hypnosis will guide you on a journey to help build self esteem and confidence during this life transition.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Menopause can often lead to increased stress and anxiety. This 30min recorded hypnosis is aimed at reducing stress and helping you to let go of anxiety, allowing you to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Menopause Hypnosis Bundle

Take  control! With this special hypnosis bundle you can conquer all three of these menopausal symptoms at once. Unlock your serenity! 


1:1 and Bespoke Hypnotherapy sessions:

can be received in person or online, but each session is tailored to your needs.

I recognise that each client is an individual with specific therapeutic requirements and I do not take a one-size fits all approach. I will give you a tailored hypnotherapy program.

For new clients I offer an initial hypnotherapy consultations split into 2 sessions:

Session 1

allows you to be introduced to and experience light hypnosis

Session 2

arranged for a later date, introduces a deeper hypnosis targeted to your specific needs and includes a recording to help integrate the work we do together.

Sessions can then be taken in isolation or as a package.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can be used to treat stress and anxiety. It can also be used to help break habits.

My aim is to listen to your needs and then tailor a series of sessions to help turn your negative experiences into positive ones.

Sessions can take place in person in my clinic in Suffolk or online via Zoom.