Menopause Hypnosis Bundle


Take  control! With this special hypnosis bundle you can conquer all three of these menopausal symptoms at once. Unlock your serenity! 

Bundle includes:

Journey to better sleep Hypnosis

Sleep disturbances can be common during your menopause transition. Let this 30 min recorded hypnosis guide you on a relaxing and soothing journey to promote better sleep relieve insomnia.

Boost Self Esteem and Self Confidence Hypnosis

Addressing low self esteem and confidence issues that can arise during menopause can be empowering. This 30 min recorded hypnosis will guide you on a journey to help build self esteem and confidence during this life transition.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction Hypnosis

Menopause can often lead to increased stress and anxiety. This 30min recorded hypnosis is aimed at reducing stress and helping you to let go of anxiety, allowing you to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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