Originating from the Lake District, I spent most of my single adult life teaching in the North of England. I met my husband whilst working overseas and despite a few years living back in the UK, another job opportunity meant we moved to Dubai, UAE with both our daughters. 20 years later, with our girls spreading their wings and flying the nest, it was time to return to the UK, where Rob and I are now happily settled in Suffolk.

My background is in teaching and I was in the education sector for over 20 years. I thought I would always teach, I was good at my job and I loved what I did! However, as my girls got older and grew more independent, I could see my role as a mother was changing. Despite success at work, I was feeling frustrated, stuck and out of balance physically and emotionally. I turned to holistic therapies to help me rebalance.

My journey with holistic wellness and healing began many many years ago. I had always been curious about energy work and I had experienced some Reiki in my 20s. I could see the imbalances that I was currently feeling were an opportunity to explore new and varied energetic modalities that would give me the help, healing and change that I needed.

I read, I studied and I reached out and found many powerful tools and skills. My passion for alternative therapies reignited and a new and exciting learning journey began!

I Found


I studied and qualified in Touch For Health Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and a range of other holistic practices.

I now integrate a range of these healing methods into individualised and personal healing sessions, so you can also find the balance you seek in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Qualified to practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming, means that I can incorporate personal coaching and support into your healing journey too.


                 am I the best person to help you?

I’ve been there…

I know what it is like to feel out of balance physically and emotionally.

I’ve gone through a lack of clarity and direction, eager to feel more in harmony with myself.

I know how this imbalance can also affect every aspect of our lives and also the lives of those around us, our family and our friends.

I have many tools to help, whether this be through physical, emotional or spiritual healing and I have used all of these to help myself.

Kinesiology and muscle testing allow me to pinpoint which healing modality will leave you feeling balanced, confident, happy and excited about your goals – no more time-wasting!

I recognise that everybody is unique. Touch for Health Kinesiology is firmly at the core of my integrated work and allows me to individualise my sessions and identify what is needed for each specific client! No session is ever the same!

Let me provide the body with a pathway for healing and allow a return to wellbeing.


             will enjoy working with me if…

You are ready to try something new, something that will achieve a positive change in your body and mind.

You are open to new ways of thinking and recognise the benefits of using a combination of holistic therapies, strategies and approaches to support your body and mind.

You are fed up with feeling “stuck” and out of balance with your life and are looking for something new and exciting to help you to move forward.

You are ready to start listening to and communicating with your body.