Rebalance body, mind and spirit and live life with ease.

Your best self is yet to come.


Hi, I’m Amanda, Certified Hypnotherapist, Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner and Holistic Therapist to Women.

I am committed to helping you heal and rebalance your body physically, emotionally and spiritually, giving you the tools to live life with more ease and to ensure personal growth and development become effortless.

I believe that when our bodies are in total balance, anything is possible!

Unfortunately, we are rarely in this state because life can be complicated, causing anxiety and stress to our bodies and mind. This can then also affect our family, personal and work life.

Do you feel out of balance, physically or emotionally?

Are you feeling blocked or stuck, but you can’t pinpoint why?

Are you starting to notice negative physical symptoms, perhaps anxiety, tiredness, lack of sleep or maybe digestive problems or niggling aches and pains?

Are you looking for some holistic healing but you aren’t sure exactly what you need?

​If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.

As a Touch For Health Kinesiologist, I see the body as multi-dimensional and can use a variety of simple methods and holistic modalities to remove blocks, imbalances and stresses to harmonise these structural, chemical and emotional dimensions, restoring your triangle of health and therefore healing and empowering you to live life more easily.

Let’s get started!

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